Istrian green Gold - Walk & Taste -

Journey through the history and flavors of Istria

Istria is a region rich in history, traditions and flavors. With its medieval towns, its Roman and Venetian cities, its traditions still present in everyday life, the Istrian peninsula is the perfect place to make a complete experience.

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Let yourself be led to the discovery of one of the most expressive medieval towns in Istria, immerse yourself in olive trees, discover how the "green gold" of Istria is produced and finally taste it by learning how to taste it in the correct way.

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The duration of this experience is approximately 2.5 hours including travel.

To keep in mind ..

The route includes walking on cobbled stone streets and walking inside an olive grove. Comfortable and closed footwear are therefore recommended.


  • 1 person 50 €
  • 2 people 60 €

Children up to 14 years of age participate for free

What is offered

The cost includes a guided tour of an Istrian town, a visit to an olive grove in production, a visit to an oil mill and the tasting of local and award-winning extra virgin olive oil. To participate in this experience it is necessary to drive your own car.

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You can book these tours by calling the following number or by sending a text message on Whatsapp or Viber at 00385912054400 or simply by sending us an email. We will arrange together the day and time for the tour.

So let yourself be led by Barbara and enjoy the discovery of history and flavors in Istria

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