Pula by night - a trip betweeb history and passions

A new event is coming in town

For summer we have created a new tour, Discover Pula by night.

Discover Pula are not classical guided tours, they are meant to explore the towns in a different way. Get to know this peculiars places rich in stories, passions, dramas and joys!

Discover Pula by night

Pula is a city full of stories, events, music and cinema. During its long history it has been one of the major inhabitats of the Histri, a colony of the Roman Empire, part of the Venetian Republic, the most important military port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It experienced the dictatorship of the Fascist regime, the socialism of Yugoslavia  and it is now one of the largest cities in the Croatian republic. It was stage of the fights between gladiators and its bay was stage of ship battles, sabotage and tragic mistakes. But it has also been hotbed of many music genres, from the classical music of Antonio Smareglia to the punk rock of the 80s.

You can see, hear and feel Pula by walking through the suggestive corners of the city.

This tour wants to help you discover Pula, the town of thousand years and thousand stories.

To better deal with the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to limit the number of adults admitted to the experience to a maximum of 6 adults. There are no restrictions on the number of children, who can participate for free in the event.

For your safety we inform you that Barbara, who will accompany you during this experience, as a worker in the tourism sector, has been vaccinated against Cov-Sars2 Covid-19.

You can book these tours by calling the following number or by sending a text message on Whatsapp or Viber at 00385912054400 or simply by sending us an email. We will arrange together the day and time for the tour.

So let yourself be led by Barbara and enjoy the discovery of Pula and Vodnjan in total safety.

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