Learn about your country 2019

On the 13th of January at 12.00 o’clock sharp the project - “Learn about your country 2019” took place in almost 60 towns in Croatia. It was the second edition of this interesting event organised by the Croatian association of Tourist guides. “Learn about your country” is essentially a guided tour of your hometown. It is a different way to learn about the place where you live or work and it is also a chance for you to feel like a tourist for a day in your own town!

conosci Terra19 01

Thanks to TZ-Vodnjan for the photo

Professional licensed tourist guides lead you through the streets and squares of your town, tell you about the history, stories and traditions of your hometown. And all this is for FREE.. a present from the tourist guides to the local people and visitors.

As I did last year I spent also this year’s sunny Sunday walking around the narrow medieval sreets of Vodnjan. And I did it with around 100 people! What a pleasure to see so many people interested in this event. I was so happy and excited to share my knowledge about this charming town, about its beauties, and stories. As a member of the Association of tourist guides of Pula I heartily offered this guided tour of Vodnjan to my fellow citizens. It was a real pleasure and I hope to do it also next year.
See you!

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