Fuži: tipical istrian pasta

Traditional Istrian Christmas dishes

When it comes to cuisine I have to admit that I love to taste and prepare dishes that come from other cultures and traditions, and that’s because I’m actually a curious person who doesn’t hold back when it comes to experimenting new things. My kitchen, the one I share with my husband ;-), is a small laboratory that smells of oriental spices, but also of Mediterranean aromatic herbs....

Typical Juniper for Christmas

What people in Istria used to have for Christmas dinner long before the Covid-19 pandemic

I haven't written anything for a long time. Somehow this whole situation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus made me confused. A feeling of uncertainty prevails in me, I feel just like

Extra virgin olive oil

Interview... in the mill

I am a really small tiny producer of olive oil and each October like everybody else in Istria, after a year of work in the grove, I take the harvested olives to where the magic takes place....

Raccolta olive Brbara Škoravić

Olive crop in Istria

It is time of great turmoil mid October, early November in Istria. The confusion and the chatter in different idioms of summer tourists give way to the noise of tractors, chainsaws .....

Typical Istrian cattle, Boskarin

Boskarin, the Istrian cattle

Have you ever heard about the typical Istrian cattle? People in Istria commonly call it Boskarin

Barbara with traditional Bukaleta

What is Istrian Supa and how you drink it

Perhaps it happened to you too to have something in an old tavern, or as they call it here in Istria, konoba ...