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Pula - guided city tour

Forum square, Augustus Temple, green market and the Roman Amphitheatre

Pula is the biggest city in Istria and the place with the highest number of Roman rests in Croatia. Pula is my town, it is the place where I was born and where I grew up. I like being in Pula, I like walking along its streets reaching the Fishmarket and the Green market and feeling Pula's past Austrian times. I like sitting and sipping a coffee in the main square, the roman Forum, and admiring the Augustus Temple and the City Hall. I like being in those corners of Pula like the top of the Venetian fortress where the quietness reigns over the whole town or looking for a cool place in the undergrounds of the Arena, the Roman Amphitheatre from the I century, one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world.

Visit time: approx. 2 h

What will we see: Amphitheatre, Twin Gate, Hercules Gate, Sergi's Arch, Mosaic, Forum square, Augustus Temple, City Hall

Information about guided visit to Pula

Pula, the Roman AmphtheaterPula the church of St. Mary FormosaPula and its mosaicsPula and its churchPula and its typical street


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