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Tourist guide in Croatia for Pula, Rovinj, Porec and Istrian Region

Guide through the senses

We learn to know a place by using our eyes and not only eyes but we use all our senses. A country is also the taste of its wine and of its food, the scent of its fields, the sea and the people, the music.

Culture is made by stories

I believe that in making a culture of a territory stories are very important. Real and documented stories or just invented stories told again and again to become then real legends.

A country like a mosaic

When I think about a country, I think about a mosaic. The best known beauties are the main pieces of the mosaic but a mosaic is also made of secondary pieces that in a less evident way take part in the construction of the mosaic.

Not only Pula, Rovinj and Porec

Here below are my offers to visit Pula, Rovinj and Poreč and also some other guided visits in Istria. Not only tours for big groups or families but also small groups tours or individual tours. Croatia is a country to be discovered and I can help you to know the major cities in Istria and also the small ones such as medieval towns in central or northern. And of course, we can plan together your visits by taking into account your personal needs.


Barbara Skoravic Official Tourist Guide in Croatia

Hi there, my name is Barbara and I am a licensed tourist guide for the Istrian Region. I live in a tiny fishermen's town named Fazana, near Pula in Croatia, the town where I was born and where I grew up. I like to escort people in the discovery of Istria, a region of Croatia, because I think that my country is a small but a beautiful place full of hidden secret gems. There are beauties such as Rovinj with its Venetian influence and the church of saint Euphemia, Porec and its Euphrasius basilica, Unesco's world heritage, Pula and its Roman Amphitheatre. It is really amazing walking through the streets of these towns and discovering its past and the past of populations that lived here. But not only cities make Croatia beautiful. This green region with its villages and traditional dishes and wine, little hidden pearls and town, with a professional tourist guide will make you fall in love with them and eager to be discovered.

Ready to discover the jewels of Istria?

My stories from Istria

Istria is a casket full of secrets

Secrets of Istria

Istria is like a casket full of jewels and you need a key to open it. This little video shows some of its jewels.

Pula, Rovinj, Porec are the big pearls that tell stories about the rich history of Istria and Croatia. Some small pearls such as Vodnjan, Bale, Motovun tell stories about istrian traditions, about food and wine, about istrian olive oil and the istrian cattle called Boskarin, about istrian truffles and traditional songs and instruments rozenice and mih. There is a world of traditions, tastes, scents and history to discover in Istria. A local licencesed tourist guide can help you in your personal discovery.

Do you like what you have seen? Would you like to visit these places? Do not hesitate to ask for information and to book a guided visit.

Contact me for more information and to book a tour